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Personal Protection Procedures


Personal Protection Procedures


Harbor City Dental COVID 19 Recommendations for Personal Protection from transmission of COVID 19 and other airborne pathogens:

Personal protection procedures are listed below as a resource for our valued patients and protocol for our staff.  

Staff are required to follow this protocol.  

Patients are required to follow this protocol for 2 weeks prior to an appointment.

Wear a mask in public places or if you are near someone who has not been following personal protection procedures.

Take your temperature daily.

Practice social distancing and minimize contact with people outside of your household.

Do not attend any indoor gatherings where 6 feet social distance is not observed.

Do not go to an indoor space (public or personal) where others are not wearing masks.

Minimize time you spend in high risk places.

In public and at home, avoid indoor contact with others who have not been social distancing and practicing personal protection procedures.

Call your medical doctor for advice if you have symptoms of COVID 19.


Mask and Personal Protection Protocol tips from Dr. Watson:

Sanitize or wash hands for 20 seconds minimum before and after entering public places 

Do not touch your mouth, eyes, or ears

Do not enter a public indoor space without a mask

Do not touch the outside of the mask with your hands

Wash mask frequently

Leave shoes worn in public places outside your home


***Please choose to help our families and neighbors stay healthy***

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